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WBH Nutrition Co. is a holistic nutrition practice teaching people what to eat and how to heal.


Hey there! I’m Georgia, a certified Holistic Health Coach. I practice individualized, holistic nutrition, one on one with clients. I specialize in autoimmune nutrition, kid/family nutrition, and weight loss.  Wherever you are on your nutrition journey I am here to help through my customized six-session programs. 

Green Smoothie Bowl. Paleo and Gluten Free. By Georgia Grey, WBH Nutrition Co. So yummy and healthy!!

My Go-To Green Smoothie

If you’re an accountant there are things in your field that are a no-brainer in your work life. Crafting green ...
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Homemade Almond Milk-WBH Nutrition Co. Georgia Grey

Homemade Almond Milk

It's hard to believe that this luscious and creamy homemade almond milk is made of so few ingredients and can taste ...
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WBH Nutrition Co. Autoimmune Online Course

Autoimmune Online Course

After sending my autoimmune symptoms into remission through food and self-care, I am passionate about helping people achieve the same.  ...
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WBH Nutrition Co Quarantine Salad

Quarantine Salad

Hey, there-how you are you holding up during this whole pandemic thing? For me, finding some sort of routine has ...
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WBH Nutrition Co easy homemade salad dressing

Easy Homemade Salad Dressing

Bottled salad dressings on grocery store shelves can be full of additives, gums, and preservatives. 🤢That’s why I love making ...
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nutrition tips during the pandemic by WBH nutrition co

Nutrition Tips During the Pandemic

Food and proper nutrition always have the ability to heal and prevent disease. Now more than ever it is essential ...
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Combatting COVID-19 while Autoimmune

Combatting COVID-19 While Autoimmune

I'm Autoimmune. How do I handle COVID-19? The world has paused due to the outbreak and rapid spread of COVID-19 ...
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Why Use the Orton-Gillingham Approach? Georgia Grey explains

Why Use the Orton-Gillingham Approach?

Reading does not come easily to all children. Kids can slip behind in school for a variety of reasons, leaving ...
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Paleo Camping Foods and Hacks by Georgia Grey WBH Nutrition Co.

5 Paleo Camping Tips

Last weekend, we went up to Buffalo Pass near Steamboat Springs. The views were breathtaking! We had so much fun ...
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Paleo Chicken Salad by Georgia Grey WBH Nutrition Co.

Paleo Chicken Salad

It has been hot hot hot in Denver! Thank goodness, after our winter I say bring on the heat. While ...
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Paleo Garlic and Herb Aioli by Georgia Grey WBH Nutrition Co.

Garlic and Herb Paleo Aioli

I have historically despised mayonnaise, or anything resembling it...but for some reason, if a spread is called aioli, for whatever ...
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