5 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight


1. Magnesium

I won’t skip a night of my magnesium supplement! Magnesium is a natural way to aid sleep better, digestion, and reduce anxiety. Magnesium can calm your muscles and reduce stress hormones, making sleep effortless. Magnesium supplements will not only help you fall asleep, but stay asleep. Take 2-4 supplements before bed with water. You can also purchase the “Calm” magnesium beverage at health stores or online for a tasty way to literally “calm down” and get your needed magnesium.

2. Turn off Electronics

I know, I know, you might say watching T.V. puts you to sleep. So here’s the compromise: try to not fall asleep to T.V. every night. Whether you’re watching This is Us on your iPad or TV, the electronic emits light, which in turn keep your brain awake and active. Your brain will not produce the necessary melatonin it needs to as a result. Without this necessary melatonin, some studies show it could lead to depression. Do you best to turn off your electronics, (including scrolling through Instagram) before bed. This will help your moods, and ability to fall asleep in the future.

3. Sleepy Time Tea

Sleepy time tea is the perfection addition to your bedtime ritual. The tea is a blend of herbs, including chamomile, which calms, soothes, and relaxes your mind and body. Creating a bedtime ritual, and adding tea to it, is a beneficial way to slow down after a long day. Having a cup of tea every night before bed alerts your body when it’s time to calm down helping you sleep better. Try adding a tablespoon or less of organic honey to your tea for an extra boost of flavor.

4. Meditation Apps for Sleep

We’ve all heard of taking deep breaths to calm down and to aid with sleep. Sometimes this just leaves us breathing more heavily and frustrated that we aren’t asleep! If you are staring at the ceiling, trying using a guided mediation app to help you fall asleep. Meditation before bed will also promote a more restful and relaxing sleep cycle. Try the Headspace app, or you can also YouTube “Sleep Meditation” and a ton of options will come up!

5. Turn Overhead Lights Off Early

Sounds simple, and it is, but your overhead lights will keep you awake longer than need be! Aim to turn off all overhead lights about an hour before your expected bedtime. Use dimmer lamps and candles instead. This will begin the process of your body preparing itself for sleep. This is also an ideal time to turn on a Himalayan salt crystal lamp if you own one.