Autoimmune Online Course

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WBH Nutrition Co. Autoimmune Online Course

After sending my autoimmune symptoms into remission through food and self-care, I am passionate about helping people achieve the same. 
Starting July 13, I am launching a six-week autoimmune course  Not only are autoimmune diseases on the rise, but they impact one in four people. Further, many people with autoimmune issues might not know they have an autoimmune disorder, but experience seemingly “normal” symptoms like: 
-Brain Fog
-Food Sensitivity 
-Difficulty Losing/Gaining Weight
-Hormone Imbalance
-Hyper/Hypo Thyroid 
-And more…
Whether you are diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, feeling generally inflamed in your body, or just curious about nutrition, this is the course for you. Every week, you’ll receive videos and handouts where I will walk you through proper nutrition for autoimmunity, give you customized meal plans and self-care tips, and most importantly teach you how to thrive despite your diagnosis. This is a go at your own pace course-no need to show up at a certain time. You’ll receive the tips and tricks I teach my clients who work with me one on one, for a fraction of the price. 
Click the link below to purchase your tickets. Please share with to any friends or family members you know who might be interested in the course, and reach out to me with any questions or concerns!