Bulletproof Coffee

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Bulletproof Coffee

There is a lot of debate in the wellness space about coffee. Some nutritionists swear by its benefits, others curse it as evil. Some doctors say its fine or help to drink if you’re autoimmune and some say to swear it off entirely.

Here’s the thing…there is not one right answer to the coffee debate for everyone. Coffee could potentially hurt someone who suffers from Crohn’s and potentially helps someone who suffers from MS. We all have a different makeup…one persons’ fuel could be another persons’ poison.

My coffee opinion is simple. Listen to your body. 

How do you feel when you drink coffee? Energized? Jittery? Upset stomach? Dehydrated? Happy? Whatever the answer is, use that to determine your coffee intake. I am a firm believer in balance…we don’t have to deprive ourselves all the time, but we also need to know when to reign it in.

I love coffee. Really, really love coffee. I love the smell. I love the ritual. I love finding new coffee shops around town. There are days where I could down five cups in a row. Sometimes coffee is the best part of my day (really!).

But right now, my body is telling me to cut back on my caffeine consumption. Which trust me…I do not want to do. But I know the little voice inside me knows better than my ego that wants what it wants.

The cyclical nature of Lyme Disease is one the biggest challenges I face. And I’m certain you other Lyme friends know what I mean. Around March I was feeling the best I had in over a year. Currently, I don’t feel so great! My fatigue is back and my joints are killing me. I feel dehydrated and dizzy at times. I am worn down from the school year, and my caffeine intake has skyrocketed as I’m trying to push through until summer. My doctor has put me on new antibiotics and supplements trying to kill off Bartonella, one of the co-infections from Lyme. It’s doing a number on my joints.

So, I know what I need to do. I need to rest, I need to take a break from coffee, and give my adrenals a break. I’m not swearing off coffee forever. At this moment I feel copious coffee consumption is not helping my healing.

I realize the irony in posting my bulletproof recipe as I am going through this. So please-if in this moment, your body can handle coffee enjoy my recipe. Have a mug for me, please. I’ll be back…

Bulletproof coffee is my favorite way to enjoy a cup of coffee. If you are a coffee drinker, don’t be intimidated by making it…the process is relatively simple and will give you a frothy start to the morning. There are many benefits behind the reasons why to drink your coffee in the trendy bulletproof style.

  • Steady energy: the butter/coconut oil absorbs the caffeine rather than one quick caffeine spike
  • Less acidity: I find bulletproof coffee much more “drinkable” with the froth
  • Weight loss: some claim bulletproof coffee will keep you full and suppress your appetite with the “good” fat you put into the drink

I am not totally certain of the validity of these claims…my reason for preferring bulletproof coffee is simple. I think it tastes better than regular black coffee! Enjoy the bulletproof if it’s something you tolerate, and if you’re taking a break, I’m here for you!


1 tbsp. of MCT oil or coconut oil

1 tbsp. of grass-fed butter, or ghee (if you do not tolerate dairy)

1-2 cups of coffee (hot and brewed)

2-3 tbsp. of almond milk

Dash of cinnamon (optional)


1. Combine all ingredients in a blender

2. Slowly increase speed

3. Pour in a mug to enjoy a frothy cup of coffee that is less acidic and burns fat