Honey Lime Marinade


Ahh I am finally here! My happy place, my ultimate perk of being a teacher, my summer break! This is my time for lots of sleep, being a “normal” person, and crafting new recipes. It also means I can meet friends for lunch, go to the bathroom when I need to, and slowly start to get rid of the bags under my eyes. While I love my job teaching first grade, these three months are an absolute necessity to recharge.

Olive oil lime garlic honey

I am fortunate to spend a huge chunk of my summer break in Maine. While I still eat and love seafood in landlocked Colorado where I live, there is something about eating fish when you are close to the water like I am in Maine. It simply tastes better because it is, well, fresh.

two limes

On night two in Maine, I quickly thought of what I could do to make this fresh fish a little tastier. Lemons in a marinade are my usual go-to so I thought what about limes? Side note: writing this article I have such an urge to spell it “Lyme.” Hah!

lime zest garlic honey olive oil

I love eating and crafting recipes based on the weather, season, and what my body craves. Gone are the cold dark days of winter when I want hearty squash and a bowl of chili. My body now craves light meat and fresh flavors. Which is where this marinade comes in. It’s perfect for fish and other light meat like chicken.

With only a couple ingredients, it is simple, healthy, and will be sure to add an extra POP to your summer dishes.

fruit and veggie wash

To start, always, always be sure to wash your produce. Sometimes water isn’t enough. I make sure to use a fruit and vegetable wash, especially on citrus. Given its hard exterior, citrus absorbs more “gunk” than most fruit and vegetables. Trader Joe’s also has a great fruit and vegetable wash that I use back in Denver.

rolling lime

Next, roll your limes using the palm of your hand. This helps bring the juice to the surface so when you give them a squeeze you are getting the most juice possible.

lime zester and limes

Using a zester (a cheese grater works as well if you don’t have one) zest one of the limes into a small plate. Set aside.

lime zest

Peel and dice garlic. Place in a bowl. Add salt and pepper. Add the lime zest.

lime zest garlic salt and pepper

Cut the limes in half, and squeeze the juice of the two limes into the bowl.

honey lime juice garlic

Add one heaping tablespoon of honey into the bowl. Pour 1/2 a cup of olive oil into the cup and stir until well combined.

honey lime marinade

Rinse your meat, pat dry and place in a deep dish. I cooked a white fish for this meal. Pour the marinade over the fish (or meat of your choice) and flip the fillets until they are well coated. I even took a spoon to make sure the zest and garlic got on top of the fish.

honey lime marinade over cod

Place in the fridge for 1-4 hours. Cook over a grill, in the oven, or on a skillet on the stove. I cooked my fish for about 10 minutes on the grill, or until flakey. A fresh, healthy summer meal for you! You could even try doubling this recipe to have as a marinade throughout the week. What’s your favorite go-to summer meal? 

Honey Lime Marinade


1/2 cup of olive oil

2 limes (juice both limes, use the zest from 1 lime)

2 garlic cloves, diced

1 tbsp. of honey

1/2 tsp. of salt

1/2 tsp. of pepper


1. Wash and dry limes. Place your hand on top of both limes and roll in order to get the most juice out of the limes.

2. Over a small plate, zest of the limes. Set the zest aside

3. Peel garlic and dice.

4. Place the zest in a bowl. Half the limes and squeeze the juice of the two limes into the bowl.

5. Add salt and pepper.

6. Add honey and olive oil

7. Mix until well combined

8. Pour marinade over fish or chicken in a dish. Coat the meat in the marinade, and refrigerate for 1-4 hours.

honey lime marinade