Lavender Obsessions


Lavender Obsessions

Lavender Products I don’t know why it’s taken me as long as it has to notice the ridiculous amount of lavender products I have around my house and use on a daily basis. But…for a good reason! Not only does lavender smell delicious, but this herb is packed with health benefits. Lavender has been known to reduce anxiety, stress, and aid sleep. It can also relieve pain, treat respiratory issues, and help blood circulation. Here are some of my favorite ways to use lavender.

Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil You can purchase lavender essential oil at any health food store. I recommend buying organic essential oils. They’re not much more expensive and are a better quality. I like to sprinkle a couple drops on my pillow before bed. If I’m winding down for the night, having trouble sleeping or feeling stressed, I like to place the oil on my wrist and then rub it into my temples. Medical studies show that lavender increases sleep regularity. The smell alone instantly calms me down.

In My Pillow

Lavender Pillow You can buy dried lavender herbs at apothecaries, like Rhizome Apothecary Denver. Place in a small, breathable bag, and tuck inside your pillowcase. The scent is subtle and is an instant sleepy calm. My little brother got me this monogrammed pillow with the lavender in it for Christmas this year. Great gift, right?

Laundry Detergent

Lavender Products Most laundry detergents are packed with dyes and fragrances that are toxic to our bodies and the environment. I highly recommend switching your cleaning products to all natural brands that you can buy at Sprouts, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, and even Trader Joe’s. The toxic chemicals remain on our clothes, which we then put on our bodies. This detergent is all natural and has a subtle, fresh lavender smell.

Personal Care Items: Lotion, Deodorant, and Hand Sanitizer

Lavender Products For similar reasons to laundry detergent, I always like to use all natural beauty products. Think about it-you put lotion all over your body, your biggest organ, for your body to absorb. The scary truth is that most personal care items are full of toxins. The beauty industry is entirely unregulated…but that’s another blog post for another time. Don’t overwhelm yourself and feel the need to throw away all your products at once…just next time you run out of drugstore lotion, make the switch to an all natural one. A plus-every time you put on some natural lavender lotion, mmmmmm breathe! Instant relaxation.


Lavender Products I love using these Aloha Bay Candles for manifesting things in my life. I buy them at Natural Grocers. I like to set an intention, light the candle, and then let its fragrance take over my room. And of course, this one has a lavender scent.

In the Garden

Lavender Plant I found potted lavender at Trader Joe’s and placed it in my herb garden. It was relatively inexpensive and I love the pop of purple.

How Do You Like to Use Lavender?

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