My Favorite Podcasts


While I obviously love nourishing my body through healthy food, eating well is not the only way to I love to love myself. For me, self-care is about taking the time out of the busy day (especially on days where “I don’t have time”) to do something that makes ME happy. Of course, I love treating myself to big self-care items like a pedicure or trip to an infrared sauna, but the little acts of self-care are just as if not more important than the big stuff. One of my favorite things to do after a day at work is to pop in my headphones and listen to one of my favorite podcasts. I relax and walk around my neighborhood while listening to familiar voices. My favorite podcasts have gotten me through snowy walks when I am bundled head to toe or driving around town doing errands. My favorite podcasts range from insightful to mindless but they each serve a purpose for me. The only thing I do need to be careful of when listening to all my podcasts is to not go overboard! I could listen for hours, so I make sure to limit myself to 1-2 a day. Or, if I am on a walk I try to pause the podcast and walk in silence, soaking up the present moment for at least five minutes.

Dear Sugar

Oh, I only have lovely things to say about this one. Dear Sugar is by Cheryl Strayed, the author of Wild, and Steve Almond.  The “Sugars” answer listener questions, no matter how “deep or dark.” I never miss an episode and find their broadcast is especially helpful when you are in need of hearing absolute acceptance. They handle all questions with grace and remind me to keep an open, loving, heart and mind.

That’s So Retrograde

These girls feel like listening to a recorded conversation between me and my close friends. They are a wellness podcast that speaks to my millennial generation. Elizabeth and Stephanie cover all things wellness- from sage to astrology, to crystals, to a wide variety of amazing guests like Sophia Bush.

The Bitch Bible

Probably one of if not my favorite podcast. Jackie is full on laugh out loud funny. I listen to my podcasts alone and find myself hysterically cracking me up on a sidewalk or driving solo in my car. She is unfiltered and unafraid. Not only does she make me laugh, but she reminds me to stay true to myself and not be scared to speak my mind. I have a hard time saying no or speaking my opinion at times, so Jackie is the perfect nudge to be bolder. Plus, she talks all things pop culture which I am also a sucker for.

The Good Life Project

Based on Jonathan Fields’s book “The Good Life Project” this podcast is exactly how it sounds. It is little tidbits about how to live a good life. He releases short 5-10 minutes podcasts that are always positive and uplifting. I love listing to those short ones when I need a “boost.”

Anna Farris is Unqualified

Anna Farris and her celebrity guests give “unqualified” advice to call in listeners. The calls range from love to friendship or work problems. Anna is hysterical, but I love listening because she answers so earnestly. She reminds me to be gentle and non-judgmental. They play games with their guests on the show. Another one where I am usually laughing to myself alone.

Straight Up with Stassi

No shame. I love Bravo TV and I love Bravo Reality TV even more. My mind is go go go more often than not with teaching, health coaching, and my personal life. Bravo, as silly as this sounds, is a way to full-on escape and think about NOTHING. Stassi is one of my favorite reality stars from Vanderpump Rules. Her show and her podcast are perfect when I do not want to think about a thing.

Modern Love

Actors and actresses read aloud essays submitted to the New York Times column “Modern Love.” The stories are beautifully written and it’s always fun to hear one of your favorite TV stars read the essays. They are always different. I’ve cried a few times listening, especially to one of the more recent ones titled “Before the Web.”

Hayhouse Radio Podcast

The Hayhouse Radio Podcast takes clips from the Hay House World Summit or their radio show. This is one I do not always listen to weekly. I listen to the ones that interest me and there is no need to listen in order. They often feature guided meditations that I enjoy.