My Go-To Green Smoothie

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If you’re an accountant there are things in your field that are a no-brainer in your work life. Crafting green smoothies as a nutritionist is something that comes easily with my training, however, sometimes I fail to realize things that come easily to me do not necessarily come easily to others…just like those “basics” in whatever your expertise is.


banana kale cucumber


I wanted to share a post of a recipe that could get back to basics and hopefully be accessible for people. As a Holistic Health Coach and wellness enthusiastic things like bee pollen on top of a smoothie make me think “COOL!” While to someone else (understandably) it makes them think “HUH?!”

 I don’t share this in a condescending way at all…I share this because it’s something I have fallen short with. As nutritionists, we get ahead of ourselves always looking for the latest and greatest health product. But sometimes for myself, clients, and readers, I need to keep it simple! I need to share accessible recipes that are healthy and not intimidating.

 I get a lot of questions about smoothies. People feel lost about what to put in their smoothies and there is a lot of conflicting information on the interwebs. Once you understand what each smoothie you make needs to have in it, THEN you can get creative and have fun.


First Rule


Your smoothie needs to have vegetables. Many smoothies in stores are only fruit-which when you drink it, it is a sugar jolt leading you to inevitably crash or feel hungry later on.


sliced cucumber


Second Rule


CHEW your smoothie. Yep.  You heard me. It’s liquid, but I want you to CHEW it. Smoothies are a snack or a meal…not something to drink and chug! It’s full of beneficial whole foods, so chew it up! Digestion starts in the mouth, and by chewing you are alerting your body and brain that food is coming down through your system.


Third Rule


In your smoothie, you need-2 servings of vegetables,1-2 servings of fruit, GOOD fat, and protein. When you keep these “rules” in mind then start getting creative about the combinations you can make!


almond milk cinnamon almond butter


You want to always put liquid first into your blender, and then start adding the heaviest fruit or vegetable next, i.e. a frozen banana. I find frozen bananas not only makes it last longer but creates a tasty consistency in your smoothie-almost dessert-like. YUM!


banana almond butter coconut oil cucumber almond milk kale


I love adding kale for its dense nutrients. Don’t fear-the cinnamon will help mask the green flavor and when it’s blended it doesn’t taste like you are eating greens.


Good fat (think avocado, almond butter, or coconut oil) actually helps you burn fat as backward as that sounds. Don’t fear the fat! Adding good fat to your smoothies will help keep you full.


collagen peptides vital proteins


Finally, be sure not to skimp on the protein. Protein, like good fat, will help keep you full and satisfied. I am not a big fan of whey or soy-whey is a processed form of dairy while soy can affect women’s hormones. Instead, try a pea or hemp protein powder, or collagen peptides. I prefer Vital Proteins. You can purchase it here. Collagen is not only awesome for your hair, skin, joints, and nails but excellent for your gut health, where the majority of your immune system lies. You can read up on gut health and why it is important here.


Bottom line: wherever you are on your wellness journey, you TOO can make a healthy smoothie! Don’t be intimidated. Start with this recipe, blend, and enjoy!


My Go-To Green Smoothie


1/2 frozen banana ⁣

1/2 cup of blueberries⁣

4 slices of frozen cucumber⁣

1/2 cup of frozen cauliflower⁣

1/2 cup of kale⁣

1 tbsp. of almond butter⁣ (or coconut oil for your “good fat”)

1-2 scoops of protein powder (I like Vital Proteins, Designs for Health, or Paleo Pro)

1/4 tsp. of cinnamon

Optional: Top with fresh berries or grain-free granola. You can try my recipe or I love Purely Elizabeth Grain-Free Granola!  


 1. Add almond milk into a high-speed blender

 2. Add banana, cucumber, almond butter, cinnamon, protein powder, and top with kale

 3. Blend and enjoy! Top with Paleo granola or a drizzle of almond butter


green smoothie