Quick and Easy Turkey Burgers


Onion and Garlic Nothing fancy here…but food does not have to be pretty or elaborate to taste good. Turkey burgers are one of my favorite things to cook for dinner or prep for lunch for the week. They’re relatively quick, easy, and you can make several at a time. I often freeze them or eat one for lunch every day throughout the week. Turkey is a leaner protein and is a good alternative to having beef. Don’t get me wrong-I love a good beef burger more than anything, but for your health, it is not ideal to have that much red meat several times a week. Turkey Burgers Since turkey is a leaner meat, patties with only ground turkey will not stay together. The first time I tried to make turkey burgers I just used the meat and was left frustrated with cooked ground turkey, not a burger. And then I figured out how to make the burgers bind together… ground flax seed! I use just a little so you cannot taste the flax but enough so it holds the patty together. Turkey Burgers For taste, I add garlic, shallot (you could also use any type of onion), salt, and pepper into the raw ground turkey. Mix the meat in with the garlic, onion, and spices making sure it is well combined. Mash into three patties. Cook over a grill until each side is golden brown, or on top of a stove. Bacon You might find it ironic that as a holistic health coach I have a real love of bacon. But when you purchase quality meat, there is nothing with bacon in moderation. Plus, it adds a salty flavor to the turkey burger. While the burgers cook, prepare bacon or any other toppings you want. Once cooked, I topped my burger with the cooked bacon, avocado, goat cheese, and arugula. Enjoy a gluten-free bun or on its own. What’s your favorite quick and easy meal? Turkey Burgers

Turkey Burger


1 lb. of ground turkey (organic if possible) 1 clove of garlic 1 shallot Pinch of salt and pepper 1 tbsp. of ground flaxseed

Optional Toppings:

Bacon Avocado Arugula Goat Cheese


1. Dice shallot and garlic 2. Combine shallot, garlic, meat, and spices into a bowl 3. Mash into three patties (about the size of your palm) 4. Cook over a stove on a skillet until each side is golden brown/inside is no longer pink 5. Top with goat cheese, arugula, onion, and/or avocado 6. Freeze any leftover burgers. Makes 3 burgers